Hard work leads to Failure

​Since childhood, we have heard the stories from our father, grandfather, great grandfather, etc. That we have to work hard to achieve success. But you believe or not I strongly believe that Hard work leads to failure. You might be shocked but it is true.

I am saying this because when I heard the stories of hard work, I thought that most of the hard work is done by laborers etc. But they are not successful. But on the other hand, Businessmen and entrepreneurs are successful without that much hard work. This means there is not any direct connection between hard work and success.

Let’s compare hard work and any fun activity. Take any of your favorite sport. Hard work is done forcefully while enjoyment or your  favorite sport is done willingly. Now, for instance, you are doing any particular job and your boss makes you work 12 hours a day. Means there is totally hard work. Now suppose you are given a task to play your favorite sport for 2 hours during your job then how will you feel? You will feel like in heaven. Now we got to know that you are a job will be a type of hard work and will be difficult task to complete even for 5 minutes. What sport will be a type of enjoyment and will not be a difficult task to complete even for 5 hours. Enjoyment is good for ourselves. Hard work is neither good nor bad but it is a problem. Which means there must be a solution for hard work. There are two types of solutions:

1. Leave the job which you don’t like and change to the one which you like. This will be difficult for some people for them is second one.

2. Start enjoying that particular work/job. 

When you start to enjoy, that job wont anymore be hard work for you. Turn your job into the sport which you like. Because you never feel any game as doing any hard work but you enjoy it. This happens due to the fundamental programming done on our mind since childhood.

 For example, turn your job into football. When you got success in your job, compare it to football as you have scored a goal. When your boss scolds you, compare it to a chance which you have missed to score a goal. 

This does not mean that we should stop doing hard work because hard work cant be replaced with any other thing. But when modified hard work can be turned into enjoyment and with enjoyment there comes desire for more. If we are able to turn any given task into enjoyment and control our desires, we are able to do anything, almost everything. What else do we want?

Enjoyment (i.e. modified Hard-work) + Control over Desires=Success

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